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We don’t just build websites.

We bring your vision to life.


We learn about you.

We make every effort to learn as much about your business as possible so that we can understand your needs and the needs of your target audience.


We represent you.

We then come up with a custom strategy that fits your budget, meets your needs and sets achievable goals made just for you.


We bring your vision to life.

At Content Hacker & Co, we combine top-notch copywriting and web design to turn your vision into life and inspire action.

us·er ex·pe·ri·ence.

noun. the overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use.

We build with you (and the users) in mind.

User experience is the top priority.

We know that your users’ overall experience with your website, especially in terms of how pleasing it is to use, is vital to your business’ success.

Trust that your website will be elegantly designed and are as attractive as they are functional, informative, and user-friendly.


    noun. fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this.

    We build with usability in mind.

    Latest Web Technologies + Industry Best Practices


    We build websites using the latest web technologies.

    We constantly adapt to changing technology trends to ensure optimal quality, performance, and reliability


    We follow industry best practices.

    Best practices are best practices for a reason. At Content Hacker & Co., we only do what’s proven to be effective and efficient.


    We make mobile-friendly websites.

    We design for mobile with a simple and clear structure for user friendly navigation


    noun. fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this.

    We build for results.



    Our top notch copywriters will help you make compelling website copies.

    At Content Hacker & Co., we believe that content is the king while design is the queen. Your website’s content must be compelling enough to get you the results you want from your website. We have in-house copywriters and designers working hand-in-hand with our developers so we can truly bring life to your vision.


    We build websites with search engines in mind.

    What is the use of a functional and beautiful website when nobody finds it? None. At Content Hacker & Co Web Solutions, on-site search engine optimization is on us! We ensure that your website is equipped with SEO best practices and adhere to search engines’ requirements (e.g. optimized content, blazing site speed, mobile compatibility, and crawlable pages).

    Common and Expanded Features

    We go beyond simply building your website.


    Search Engine Optimisation

    What’s the use of a beautiful website if nobody finds it online? Nothing. At Content Hacker & Co, on-site SEO is on us!


    Quality Web Content

    Grammatically erroneous or duplicate content? Huh. Don’t gamble on cheap copywriting services and get penalized by Google later on!


    Web Compatibility

    Your users use different browsers, devices, and different web technologies, your website should work well across the board.


    Responsive Design

    We employ a mobile-first philosophy in web design. It means that your website will look good on mobile devices as well!


    Blazing Webpage Speed

    Users hate slow websites. So, we guarantee above 90% Google PageSpeed Insight score for your website!


    One Year Maintenance

    Our partnership does not end after the deploy your new website, we will stay around for a year to make sure everything works fine for you!

    Our Promise

    What to Expect From Us


    Topnotch User Experience

    We know what users are looking for in a website. Expect  design that attracts visitors and converts them to actual paying customers.


    Design and Functionality

    We don’t just design, we code. Our development team helps integrate design with functionality for optimum performance and support


    Terrific Customer Service

    We believe clear and concise communication is essential to the success of a project.


    Genuine Partnership

    We will work with you to fully understand your business and your needs. Treat us like an extension of your team. 


    Experience and Expertise

    Our team of experts has experience in a wide range of web design specialties and we bring them together to give you the best possible solutions.


    Added Value

    We go out of our way to provide you with Extra Mile service. You ask us to go a mile, we go two miles. It’s one of our core values.

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    What does it cost to build a website?

    General Pricing


    Just invisible

    Landing Page - $200 - $500

    Many landing pages have a distinct objective to sell a product or service and it may not be connected to your primary website. It is a standalone web page. The main reason for this is to limit the options available to your visitors, helping to guide them toward your intended conversion goal. Single-paged websites are also considered landing pages. If you are a small business and churches do not have much content to share and may not need multiple pages; a one-page website may be all you need.

    Basic Website - $500 - $1,500

    Basic websites are about 10 to 20 pages and act as an online brochure for companies or individuals. They have added functionality such as calendars, custom forms, sliders, and blogs. Basic websites are excellent for brands and companies showcasing a number of products and services.

    Mid-Size Website - $1,500 - $2,000

    Mid-size websites are usually more than 20 pages and have many custom functionality not found in the standard WordPress CMS. Many membership and real estate listing sites can be created within this price range depending upon the level of functionality and design.

    Advanced $2,000 - $10,000

    There are some websites that simply require months of planning, research, consulting, database design and implementation, software development and integration, site quality assurance and testing. An example of this type of website is a Government/Municipal type website or a large University/College type website. Here are a few factors to consider that change the cost of a website:

    • Tighter timelines
    • More meetings
    • More people involved
    • More exacting content specifications
    • More pages of content to port over or account for
    • Additional security concerns
    • Governmental or other requirements/regulations must be adhered to.
    Ecommerce - $2,000 - $10,000

    Ecommerce sites are basic websites but with a lot of added functionality and third party services such as merchant accounts and SSL Certificates.Prices can vary greatly depending on the number of products, integration with 3rd party services and custom functionality required for the shop. For basic e-commerce websites, our pricing starts at $2,000 and scales up from there. Generally clients with e-commerce needs, also need guidance, education, and set up with the following:

    • SSL selection, purchase
    • Merchant Account Setup
    • Payment Processor Setup
    • Shipping Setup – Including coordination/setup of accounts
    • Transactional Email
    Advance Mockups - $300-$850+

    If you do not have a design yet, it’s fine. It is better if we work on the design together so we both understand the technical demands of the design you want. We agree on a design direction and we design it along the way based on our initial discussion. If you require a mockup to approve in advance, we charge $350 for a homepage mockup, then, $110 for the first inner page, and $50 per page after that. Each hour of revisions is $60 per hour. We will include these additional charges in the estimate if requested.

    Smaller budget? - $175 - $1,599

    We know that many non-profits, home-based businesses, and professionals looking to take their personal branding seriously or are selling their service online do not have the budget for a custom web design. So, we have devised our Lean Websites program (also known as Express Websites). Just choose from our pre-designed templates and will do minor revisions to suit your branding, content, and some minor features you wish to include. We give discounts to non-profits, micro-businesses, family, friends, and affiliate companies.

    Not all websites are created equal. They on the level of design and functionality needed. Thus, price varies as well.

    At Content Hacker & Co. our hourly rate is $60. Worry not, we do offer discounts to non-profits, micro-businesses, startups (cause we are a fan of startups), affiliate companies, and special circumstances. Just reach out!

    However, we do not offer a fixed-price contract. With a fixed-price contract, your first idea will be your last. And we don’t want to limit your ability to change your mind or add new requests. Based on our experience, fixed-price contracts are rarely beneficial to you.

    So, what do we do instead? We will give you a general estimate based on our initial correspondence. Estimates are based on the number of hours that will be spent on your site’s design, development, maintenance, communication and any other overall costs associated with your project. Even if we are already working on your website and then you wish to add more features, just notify us and will give you another estimate for the additional hours of labor that will be spent doing the additional features you want.

    It is important to have a good idea of the features that you would like for your site to include and where you will be obtaining your site’s content. If you don’t know where to begin don’t worry, we can walk you through the basics and help get you started on the path that is right for you.

    Our Process | See How It Works

    Send us a request.

    Fill out the form on the bottom of this page briefly describing what you are looking for.

    What if I don't have a design yet?

    Don’t worry. Many of our clients prefer we come up with the design. We just need a list of the pages and sub-pages (including the number of products if the website is an ecommerce site), design features, and functions (e.g. custom contact form, eCommerce, blog, etc). Then, inclide 3 of your favorite websites and what design elements you like about them. That is usully enough to help us get started.

    Then, let’s talk.

    After receiving your request, we will contact you. We may have a brief conversation over the phone, Skype, or email is all. Let’s determine if we’re a good fit for each other. We can also send a project manager to walk you through the entire process and assist you all throughout.

    We’ll estimate the cost and send you a quote.

    We review your information and get you an estimated number of hours required to complete this project. We will send you the estimate within two business days.

    Do you include mock ups or previews for me to review?

    Usually we agree on a direction and we design it along the way based on our initial discussion. If you require a mock up to approve in advance, we charge $800 for a homepage mock up, then,  $200 for first inner page, and $50 per page after that. Each hour of revisions is $100 per hour. We will include these additional charges in the estimate if requested.

    We’ll plan our timetable and lay every process down.

    Once you have approved our estimate, we receive final images, content, and deposit, we create a schedule. Typically, projects start about 5 days later. The default time frame is 4-6 weeks depending on the scope of the work. We will indicate it in the schedule of work.

    What if I need the site done sooner?

    With an additional fee, we can put a rush on a project but it depends on how soon you need it and how big the project is. Each rush scenario is different so we can discuss this should the need arise.

    We’ll send you an invoice for the deposit.

    A deposit of 50% of the estimate is required to start the project. Upon completion of the project, you will be invoiced for the remaining unpaid hours. The deposit rate is negotiable, just reach out to us.

    Do you offer fixed price contracts?

    Typically, no. We know from experience that fixed-priced contracts are rarely beneficial to you, as they often limit you to your earliest ideas. We don’t want to limit your ability to change your mind or add new requests. We will take your scope of work and break down each item each with its own estimate for your approval, if you have a great idea for something new or simply change your mind, no problem. We woll up those requests into another estimate and you can make a business decision about spending money on those items.

    Then, we start building your website.

    We build your WordPress site on our local development servers. Note that you can still send further requests during this period. Just reach out to us.

    We test, test, test, and test everything.

    We test our work on current versions of major desktop browsers including those made by Apple (Safari), Google (Chrome), Microsoft (Internet Explorer/Edge), and Mozilla Firefox.

    We make revisions, improvements, or alterations.

    We receive your feedback and make revisions until you are 100% satisfied with our results. Minor revisions are free of charge.

    Finally, we launch your new website!

    We will invoice you for the balance of unpaid hours on this project and once the payment is received, we will move the website to its final destination (your own server).

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